"Assisting fathers to win and keep
the hearts of their 8 to 17-year-old sons"

Joining ALERT Cadet

Basic Training

The very first step in becoming an ALERT Cadet is to complete the ALERT Cadet Basic Training Manual. The ALERT Cadet Basic Training Manual is completed at home by both the father and son(s) and can take as little as four weeks to complete. Successful completion of the ALERT Cadet Basic Training Manual is a prerequisite for membership as an ALERT Cadet.

Download the application for the ALERT Cadet Basic Training Manual (PDF) here.
Apply online.

Enroll an Additional Son into Basic Training

Download the Welcome to ALERT Cadet booklet (PDF) here. This is an overview of the entire ALERT Cadet program along with FAQs.

Successful completion of the ALERT Cadet Basic Training Manual is a prerequisite for Advancement as an ALERT Cadet and participation in ALERT Cadet sponsored camps.

Basic Training Costs

There is a (one time) fee of $35 per family for the ALERT Cadet Basic Training materials. Additional sons in the same family may enroll for a booklet charge of $5 at age eight.


We have had several requests to allow fathers and sons in Basic Training to wear a basic Cadet uniform. Well, you asked, we answered! You can now purchase your basic uniform items (equivalent to the Duty Uniform) when you apply to Basic Training.

Are you already in Basic Training, and want to order your uniform? No problem! There is a new link below to order just your uniforms. With this new option, when you finish Basic Training, the cost of Advancement (previously known as Membership) has gone down! Now it is just $87 per person, since you have already purchased some pieces of your uniform. At Advancement, you will earn a rank, be able to wear an ALERT Cadet Chambray, and start working though the Novice Handbook. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

NEW! Order your duty uniform package here.

What happens after Basic Training? Advancement!

Welcome to Advancement! When you have finished your Basic Training Manual, send us a copy of your completion certificate, along with a family photograph, advancement application, and uniform order form, along with your method of payment to ALERT Cadet Headquarters.  Advancement is when you earn your rank and begin to work through your handbooks, earn ribbons and become a more active member of your assigned unit. At this point you will receive:

  • An ALERT Cadet Chambray with all the patches
  • A Membership card
  • A Novice Handbook
  • An ALERT Cadet Journal

Advancement Application – 2013 Edition

Duty Uniform (Basic Training) Order Form – 2013 Edition

Chambray (Advancement) Order Form – 2011 Edition

Advancement Fees

The cost of Advancement is $87.00 per person if you purchased your Basic Training uniform prior to Advancement. If not then these uniform items are required at this point in time.