"Assisting fathers to win and keep
the hearts of their 8 to 17-year-old sons"

About Us

The ALERT Cadet program was started in 1996 as an outgrowth of the ALERT program, with the vision to raise up godly young men who would be “Strong to Overcome” the evil one, from 1 John 2:13, and mighty in spirit. We desire to turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the hearts of sons to their fathers (Malachi 4:6). The ALERT Cadet program is a tool which a wise father can use to assist him in raising up godly sons.

The mission of the ALERT Cadet program is to be a toolbox to assist fathers in turning their hearts to their sons and leading their sons into biblical manhood. This goal is achieved, with God’s help, through the quality time which fathers and sons spend together completing exciting projects, memorizing Scripture, and participating in ALERT Cadet sponsored activities.

Many enter the responsibilities of fatherhood with the honest intention of being a good father. In reality, however, it is easy to become consumed by more pressing matters while children take a back seat to careers, other responsibilities, and even good activities.

What a blessing it would be to look back with no regrets on the time that you have had with your sons. The ALERT Cadet program is a toolbox with various tools standing ready for you to use in growing your sons into biblical manhood.

One of the greatest benefits of the ALERT Cadet program is the opportunity for fathers to spend one-on-one time with their sons.

As a Christian organization, ALERT Cadet holds to the truths taught in the Bible.  We have written our core beliefs in a concise Statement of Faith.

To see a listing of current ALERT Cadet activities, please click here.