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31:10 - For Mothers and Daughters

31:10 – For Mothers and Daughters

Introducing 31:10, a New Curriculum for Mothers and Daughters

King Lemuel’s mother wrote Proverbs 31 to instruct her son in the qualities to look for in a godly wife. The 31:10 curriculum is based upon Proverbs 31:10-31, and the title reflects verse 10: “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” “Virtuous” means womanly excellence; a truly virtuous woman is rare and valuable, more precious than the most costly jewels. 31:10, then is a tool for mothers to use in developing their daughters into godly women.

Mothers and daughters use the curriculum at home to strengthen their relationships, create meaningful times together, and make strong, deep memories. The 31:10 curriculum consists of twenty-two 16-page booklets, each designed to teach the truths contained in one verse of Proverbs 31:10-31. Each booklet is divided into the following seven sections:

  • Spiritual Training
  • Personal Growth
  • Life Skills
  • Character Development
  • Women of Virtue
  • Ministry Outreach
  • Hymn

Numerous projects in each section give ample opportunity for mothers and daughters to build their relationships and practical life skills. Mothers can select the projects that are best-suited for their daughters’ ages and interests. The projects also challenge mothers to develop their own skills and disciplines. Like-minded mothers and daughters can join together to form 31:10 clubs to enhance the training.

Scripture commands that older women are to teach younger women the things of God and godly character. However, many mothers struggle with what and how to teach their daughters. The new 31:10 curriculum is designed to address those needs.

How to Order

You can order the 31:10 curriculum online here or by calling 903.636.9384. The first six booklets, written in a non-consumable form, are now available for the price of US $32.79 per set, plus shipping and handling.


31:10 Curriculum Overview

31:10 Brochure

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